Awesome kids experiments

As promised (remember to always keep your promises to the kids!), the MET-EFFECT project team organized and realized „Awesome kids experiments” in Elementary school Milena Pavlović Barili (Belgrade, Serbia) for 3 days (June 11-13, 2024). The event gathered 143 first-grade pupils and 5 project team members. We thank the host organization (Elementary school Milena Pavlović Barili from Belgrade) for inviting and hosting us!

Allow us to quote some of the kids’ impressions:

This was the best day in my whole life 😀

When I grow up, I will be a chemist! 😁

Although I was scared at the beginning, it was much better than I could expect, now I feel like I could cry (from joy, naturally) 😀

I couldn’t believe things could just disappear 👀

You are a genius! And you are pretty 😍

I will perform the experiments back home 🧪