The Horizon 2021 project from the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (call: HORIZON-MSCA-SE-2021) entitled “Metal complexes of a naturally inspired framework functionalized for cytotoxic and catalytic efficiency”, by acronym MET-EFFECT, demonstrates the widespread partnership between internationally recognized organizations from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, and the USA. The fusion of academic knowledge and industry-oriented perspective establishes a fruitful ambient for the conduction of research secondments (mobilities). MET-EFFECT creates an outstanding, R&I-oriented environment, ensuring free knowledge sharing and career upgrade of the participating staff. Partners’ expertise jointly strives toward state-of-the-art advances in the field of bioinorganic chemistry with a special focus on its applicative domain. Thus, the project develops novel multifunctional rhenium and iridium flavonoid complexes aimed to serve as metallodrugs and homogenous catalysts. In parallel, the project proposes personalized drug design delivery systems using new green methodologies for valorization, in order to improve the delivery and bioavailability of active constituents with potential anticancer properties. Implemented in this way, MET-EFFECT challenges all the aspects of the MSCA call in terms of the innovative profile of the project outcomes, improved careers of the participants, and accessible knowledge-idea sharing, emphasizing Europe as a plentiful space for GO FAIR research.

Project titleMetal complexes of a naturally inspired framework functionalized for cytotoxic and catalytic efficiency
Project acronymMET-EFFECT
Grant number101086373
Start Date01/01/2023
Project Duration48 months
Project website